Mar. 4th, 2009

asinglewordwilldo: ([Emote] Shock)

[He walked into the other room over an hour ago to fetch a set of backup batteries for his tape recorder...and found himself in an entirely different world. It's a distressing situation, yet as always curiosity overwhelms fear. Through the open journal on the nearby table, perhaps some sounds can be heard...feet shuffling, pages turning, breathing...but otherwise, it's a full hour after his arrival before any sign of the castle's newest denzien can be detected.]

[A button becomes clear that he's dictating, into the tape recorder that can't be seen.]

I am no longer in Boston.

My surroundings are well-appointed and lavish, yet I do not know how I came to have them. I have not left the room, but I know that wherever I am, it is not a modern construct. The walls are stone, well-built and very quaint.

If I did not know better, I would say I’d gone back in time and found myself in some forgotten king’s great castle bedchamber.

[A pause, footsteps. He's pacing a bit, measured and calm.]

I intend to make a full exploration in order to better ascertain what I am dealing with…but first I will search the immediate area. If I am still in the country, I hope to make my way home. If not…wherever I am, I pray I am not in danger.

[Another pause...a little laugh]

To be honest, if the rest of my location is anything like this room…I wouldn’t mind doing a little investigating.

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