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For the record, Lorelai, the only reason I’m not making this a private entry is due to the nature of the information contained herein...and the wealth of mocking ammunition it will provide you with. Never let it be said that I didn’t think of you, darling.

I lost my virginity in college during my freshman year. I was a bit on the bookish side, and not very popular. I was, however, pursuing a doctorate, and I had family I drew just enough attention to get invited to the really good parties, even if I didn’t have a date.

It was the final party of the semester where I met her. Her name was Millicent Pendleton...but everyone called her Muffy.

I’ll wait until you finish guffawing, Lorelai.

She was a sophomore, and a prominent member of the campus’s favorite sorority. She was every young man’s wet dream...curly blonde hair, thick and soft...bright blue eyes, and a fabulous body. Gave a whole new meaning to that phrase ‘dangerous curves.’

I also happened to know that she wasn’t a particularly nice girl, and actually made a bet with her girlfriends that she’d sleep with the first man she saw that night...I happened to be the lucky bloke.

So I did what any sane eighteen year old would do: I had a go, rid myself of a grossly unwanted physical condition, and used it as a good story at every available opportunity. I used the girl, yes, but back then in my mind it was totally justified. More the fool, her, at any rate. She thought she was having it off with me...well, I had a *very* good time that night in spite of her.

To be honest, the loss of my physical virginity isn’t much more than a funny anecdote, as I’m sure it is for many people. It’s awkward, humbling, and at its very best, somewhat embarrassing. Besides, sexual virginity has numerous levels, and that particular one is always the hardest to get through. I’m happy to say that a few years later, I truly fell in love for the first time, and found my first time with her far more memorable.

Still, I do owe dear Muffy a thing or two. Not only did she provide some much needed experience...but ever since she gave me my first lessons in love, I’ve always had something of a soft spot for women with particularly nice, curly hair. Yes, Lorelai, I’m still talking to you.

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