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“...speak now, or forever hold your peace.”

Alva felt his breath catch...just for an instant, as he listened to the deafening silence of the small crowd gathered around the gazebo in the heart of Star’s Hollow.

The minister smiled. “Then, by the power vested in me by the state of Connecticut, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.”

Alva grinned, watching as Rick moved forward and lifted Evelyn’s veil...then deftly pulled her close, dipped her, and kissed her soundly for the whole town to see. Off to the side, Alex rolled his eyes, covering his face with the ring pillow he’d been carrying.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Rick O’Connell on the renewal of their vows!” the minister announced, eliciting a roar of applause and whistling from the people of Star’s Hollow.

From his place at Rick’s side, serving as best man, Alva applauded the couple enthusiastically. He thought it was rather fitting that the displaced archaeologists renew their vows in the present as a way to celebrate their wedding anniversary...a new start in a new time, as it were.

Gazing across the way, he watched Lorelai cheer the happy couple, standing at her own place as matron of honor. She was due in just a few weeks, but she was still a vision that made his heart ache and his stomach clench with a love and desire he’d never known in his lifetime. In just about a year, his life had grown, blossomed, and been turned inside out in ways he never thought possible...ways he never dreamed he could ever want.

But here it was...this woman carrying his child. This woman he was going to marry.

And as they stood at another couple’s renewal of their marriage vows, Alva had found himself silently reciting those vows along with Rick as he watched Lorelai. Already, he was making his promises...he was ready for this. And that notion scared him a little. How had he never known this about himself, that he could want such a simple life so badly?

Maybe it was the blending of worlds...a wife and a child as well as the pursuit of truth. He didn’t have to give one up to gain the other...not when he found the combination that just *fit.*

And as Rick and Evelyn walked back down the aisle, arm in arm, Alva imagined himself in Rick’s shoes, and Lorelai in Evie’s.

It was going to be a long few weeks to wait until the baby was born...and Alva couldn’t wait to marry the girl of his dreams.

Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 442
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