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I’m a father…I’d say that significantly complicates my life. Not in a bad way, mind you…and perhaps that’s the most surprising thing of all.

It happened just a week ago…my daughter was born. A little girl…Carlen Lorelai Keel. She has hair as dark and eyes as blue as Lorelai’s, and it seems she has my mouth and chin.

It’s quite a surreal thing to look at another human being and know that they not only share your blood, your face, your everything…but that you created them. You put them here in the world to live.

I look at her, and I want nothing more than to hold the moment frozen for all eternity…just allowed to know that ultimate perfection of seeing such innocent beauty and knowing it belongs to me. When I hold her, though…

I want to lay my life at her tiny little feet. I’ve not seen a real angel before, but Carly…I believe she is the first. Perfect innocence, perfect love and beauty in such a small frame…

Lorelai calls me sentimental. I call it truth.

I love my fiancée with all my heart, and I love Rory, my soon to be stepdaughter beyond the telling of it. But Carly…she’s robbed me of my soul and made me glad of it. All I am, all I ever want to be belongs to her. If I could bring the moon down from the heavens and bring it to her doorstep, I would.

She has taken everything from me. She is my greatest weakness…and yet I’ve never been stronger than I have been since she was born. I would move mountains for her, but more importantly? I feel that I could.

I never planned on having a child. I never wanted a child before I met Lorelai, but when she told me she was carrying our daughter…it seemed so simple. But now that she’s here…

My world’s been turned on its ear by a tiny human being in ways I’m still trying to fathom. And as difficult as things might be in the future, given who I am…what I do…I couldn’t be happier.

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