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Rick frowned thoughtfully as he stared at the piece of paper in his hands, turning it first one way then another. “I’ll admit...this is odd, and kinda disturbing, but I don’t understand exactly what has you so up in arms, old man.”

“It’s really quite simple, Rick.” Alva bit off quietly, taking the sheet from him. “This is a sign that something much larger and far darker may be afoot.”

Moving across the tiny office, Alva reached up slightly to pin the sheet to the whiteboard mounted on the wall. It was fairly innocuous on its own: a simple piece of green construction paper, the kind most often found in schoolrooms. The difference with this one was the message it bore.

Words that had appeared spontaneously during a fifth grade lesson that morning...words that had no place in a child’s classroom.


“This is more likely than not a sign from an angry spirit.” Alva went on, trying very hard not to let the icy fist of fear close over his heart. “And, as we all know, there ought not to be any angry spirits within the city limits of Stars Hollow.”

Rick’s features registered surprise, then understanding a moment later. “Jesus....I didn’t even think about that. My God...but I thought those magickal...things, the protections...I thought they were rock solid?”

“They were...are.” Alva replied, folding his arms as he faced the board. “So there are one of two possible explanations...either those wards are fading, which isn’t likely given the power that was poured into them...or that there’s something out there that’s managed to breach them.”

He was aware of Rick moving up alongside him to look at the scrap of paper, and for the first time Alva could feel Rick’s tension...not as a presence, but in its reality. He felt the concern, the fear, the cold finger of apprehension sliding down his spine.

For the first time, Alva was worried for more than his project...his supernatural utopia, perfectly preserved and ripe for research and study. Now, he was worried for his a man and a father, he was afraid that the darkest corners of the world had risen up to invade his new home and claim those he loved.

“Well,” Rick sighed, folding his own arms to mirror Alva, “I guess this means we just got our first real case...right, Boss?”

A moment passed before Alva sighed and nodded. “Yes...I just hope we can solve it before something other than a piece of paper is torn apart.”

Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 440
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