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NOTE: set shortly before Lorelai's pregnancy.

Alva peered at the small bag in the front seat, then glanced up at Lorelai with a small smile as she drove. They were taking the Jeep, which he didn't mind...nor did he mind the presence of the paper bag with its odd assortment of items, all of which had been hand-picked by Lorelai herself.

"Lorelai, darling," he finally sighed with a patient smile, picking up the bag off the floor and setting it in his lap, "While I applaud your rigorous sense of caution, I believe that there are certain facts that need to be addressed."

He pulled out the cross she'd stashed in the bag, waving it lightly. "Firstly? Crosses don't *actually* harm vampires, and I think that, given the fact your mother was capable of birthing you, she's *not* one of the walking dead."

Setting the cross down, he moved on to the next item, pulling out a small sewing kit. "Secondly? You can't sew her lips shut...that's simply tacky. And while I'm well aware that tacky is a personal favorite of yours, I'm fairly certain there are other ways of keeping your mother from saying anything too upsetting."

After laying down the sewing kit, he reached in to pull out the final item. "And finally, my love, if you think I'm going to let you empty this tabasco sauce into your father's cognac, you're mad."

As they pulled into the driveway of her parents home, Alva reached out and laid a hand over hers on the steering wheel as she killed the engine. "Lorelai...please don't be nervous or upset about tonight. I've no intention of doing anything to embarass, even by their standards...and there's really very little your mother can say to upset me. If I can handle a Latin exorcism, I can handle this."
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