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Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 733
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Well, like the man in the story posing a similar question to a group of seminary students, I’d finish my game of pool. Figuratively speaking, at any rate...that bloke only had an hour to live, and in this instance I’ve got a whole day to simply do as I please.

The point is, I’d do very little differently in that day, because I’ve been blessed with a rare gift among most men: I do exactly as I please each and every day already. I have nothing special I’d go out of my way to do. However, if you’d like particulars...

I’d do one thing special: I’d make the drive up to Connecticut, had I a day to do so outside of my weekends...I’m still living in Boston until the wedding, and until I’ve settled the future of the Boston office of Sodalitas Quaerito. I’d spend my day with Lorelai and Rory...and the baby, which Lorelai has begun insisting I address upon every meeting. Not that that’s a chore, mind you...I only wish she had decided to call it something other than Moon Doggie. She’ll feel the fool if it’s a girl, and frankly I’d prefer Gidget anyway...

Anyway, I’d spend my day with my family. Take the girls to Luke’s...enlist his aid in keeping Lorelai away from the caffeine...or go to Al’s House Of Pancakes depending on Lorelai’s cravings. In which case, I’d be utterly alone in wrestling the coffee away from my dear sweet fiancee.

Then I think I’d take the girls to Boston...take them shopping and happily watch them procure an impossible amount of shoes and clothing before we went back to my offices. Believe it or not, Lorelai likes it there. Rory’s in her element, but although she finds little interest in the rudimentary research, study, and overall paperwork involved with what I do, the supernatural element fascinates her to no end.

That’s where I’d like to spend my one day of my office, at my desk with a book in front of me and Lorelai standing behind me with her chin resting on the top of my head, arms around my shoulders while she gives me a running commentary on why the Four Horsemen of the apocalypse prophesied in Revelations ought to enlist professional wrestler Ric Flair to promote them.

I’d spend my day in the perfect place...and I’m fortunate that my perfect place is precisely where I am at this very moment.

Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 417
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((NOTE: Takes place shortly after this post by [ profile] needmycoffee.))

The pain in her stare is drawing me shapes
oh, so fair.
The pain in her stare is making me wish I was there
with something to declare.

“Lorelai,’s nothing. ‘Tis but a scratch and all that.”

She’d appreciated the Monty Python reference, but let him have it for the bruised jaw he’d earned himself the day after arriving in town for what was becoming his customary weekend stay.

It started that night, simply enough. When Lorelai showed up at the Dragonfly that evening, she was feeling low...Alva could tell. He hadn’t know her very long, but he’d learned enough of her witticisms and humor to decipher the subtext in her jokes and gibes that she’d seen something unpleasant...and it had to do with her former fiancee and the woman he was now seeing.

Alva probably shouldn’t have taken that opportunity to go down to the diner and introduce himself...but her pain bothered him. A great deal.

“My name is Alva Keel...I’m currently dating your former fiancee.”

Alva had *almost* expected it when Luke punched him, not even bothering to come out from behind the counter to do it.

Alva was damn sure Luke hadn’t expected *him* to punch back, splitting his lip before grabbing him by the front of his filthy flannel shirt and nearly hauling him over the counter.

“You never get to do that again. You don’t get to protect her anymore...not when you’re hurting her so badly.”

There might have been more, but the look in Luke’s eyes shifted, albeit subtly. It was a understanding of the reality he was now living in.

“You English people like tea, right? I got some herbal, if you want...”

After that complimentary cup of tea, he’d left the diner and even shook Luke’s hand...he’d come for a little payback on Lorelai’s behalf, and walked away with a new respect for the man she had almost married...perhaps, in the long run, he’d even made himself a friend of Luke Danes.

Alva had taken up a mantle that night...the mantle of the one who would take care of her. Changing water bottles, doing repairs, listening to rants and tirades, and being available for Rory as needed.

The Gilmore girls were a hardy, independent duo...but when they stumbled, it was Alva’s job to catch them now. And he just prayed to God he was worthy of the task.

Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 416
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In his years of dealing with the supernatural, Alva had dealt with many unusual phenomena...demons, malevolent ghosts, possessions, any number of dark or otherwise unpleasant supernatural events. Not all of them were evil, but there had been a very rare handful of occurences worthy of his note that had been honest, redeeming miracles with any quality that might instill a bit of hope or inspiration in the average man.

Still, he had encountered a few...the Shadow Ridge incident, for one, and his first ever viewing of ghost lights. Deborah Olson had been another, with her miraculous salvation from death in saving his own life...and that was without mention of the rather incredible way she'd touched him in a far more personal manner.

But rarely had he ever seen the likes of the current phenomenon he was investigating...and it struck him as equally profound that, had it not been for the clairvoyant in Hartford, who had been killing with his premonitions, Alva would have never stumbled across Star's Hollow.

The name came to him in an interview with a local Hartford newspaper owned by the Huntzenberger Publishing Company, given that the magnate who owned the conglomerate, Mitchum Huntzenberger, resided there. He'd looked the town up in passing...

...and found nothing. Which, in and of itself, was utterly fascinating.

Limited research indicated that the town had literally seen no unusual occurences since its founding in 1779. Natural disasters avoided it, even war had completely avoided the small town, as evidenced by a historic re-enactment that supposedly took place every year...during British occupation, a team of revolutionaries had waited together for a battle which never arrived.

The town had literally seen no ill fortune in over two hundred years.

It was this unusual bit of information that had led Alva to extend his stay in Connecticut and make a side trip to Star's Hollow, which was only a half hour ride from Hartford. Checking out of the hotel he'd been staying in, Alva rented a car and made the journey himself, where a bit of local questioning had led him to cross the path of a rather jovial young woman by the name of Sookie St. James who not only reccomended the Dragonfly Inn to him, but insisted on accompanying him there.

So it was that he found himself being led into the small, cozy little bed and breakfast by Sookie's bright, bubbly chattering.

"Oh, you'll love it here, I promise! I'm making cherry streusel for breakfast tomorrow, with strawberry iced tea! It's going to be *really* good, and Lorelai does a fabulous job with this place...just ignore Michel, he's French. I like your accent better than his anyway, it's*British!* Just a sec, I'll get Lorelai...LORELAI!! WE HAVE A GUEST!!...she'll be right with you in just *one* second, Mr. Keel. I'd stay and chat, but these peaches'll get too soft if I leave 'em in the bag for much longer..."

"Not at all, Ms. St. James." Alva reassured her with a nod and a smile, adjusting his bag on his shoulder as he leaned against the front desk. "Your help has been most appreciated."

As Sookie blushed and hastily headed for the kitchen, catching a swarthy gentleman by the arm to steer him clear of Alva on her way out, he couldn't help but marvel at the air of tranquility in this unusual place as he waited for this Lorelai Gilmore to show herself.

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