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Sodalitas Quaerito
365 Midlothian Lane, Suite # 29
Boston, Massachusetts 02116

14 July 2006

Dear Mrs. Riley,

You don’t know me, but I know a great deal about you based on the local media coverage relating to your family’s recent experiences, namely those of your sons, Michael and James. It is for this reason that I’m writing...I would like the chance to speak with all of you in regards to this matter, and I’d like to do so in person.

My name is Alva Keel. As the letterhead can tell you, I’m located in Boston, but it’s the United Kingdom I call home. I’m something of an academic...a student of all things delving into the paranormal or the unexplained. Mind you, I’m no tabloid journalist, religious fanatic or UFO chaser...I’m simply a man with a scientist’s mind and a cleric’s faith in that which we cannot define through the auspices of logic.

Sodalitas Quaerido is my organization...the name is Latin for ‘brotherhood in search of truth,’ for that is what we do. We are few in number, but strong in conviction, and truth is our driving force. We investigate and research strange occurrences and phenomenon such as that which your family has experienced. While we have no formal credentials, we *do* have experience in these matters...I, myself, have experienced several supernatural phenomenon, incredible as that may sound, and previously worked for the Catholic Church as an investigator of miracles. One of my colleagues also held such a position, while another is a lovely young woman who previously worked for the Boston PD, and is also the mother of a nine year old son.

Madam, I understand that you’re under a great deal of pressure from those around you, but I want to help, if it is within my power. First and foremost, let me assure you: you are not alone. The ability to foretell the future has been documented in dozens of other cases. The causes are varied but the results are the same, no matter what form they take. The aforementioned Mr. Callan himself has had prophetic dreams on occasion.

Enclosed, please find my business card, with all my home phone number and my cellular are written on the back. I would be most grateful if you’d only grant me an afternoon in which to speak to you and your boys about their visions, I assure you that we will not rest until we’ve come to the root of your problem. Twelve year olds should not have to endure the kinds of visions your children have testified to having...but there is hope, my dear lady.

If you have faith in nothing else...have faith in that.

Best regards,
Alva Keel

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