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[Since his arrival, Alva has been subjected in small part to the whims of the castle during the whirlwind month of August, but otherwise has escaped the machinations of Cair Paradisa...or so he thought, until he woke for his morning cup of tea and spent five minutes (or five years, it felt like) being sick in the bathroom.]

[Now have a very testy, still somewhat pale Alva holed up in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and as deep a frown on his face as anyone has seen as he toys with his cup and mutters by his open journal.]

Clearly I've upset someone with my search...
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[Having taken up almost permanent residence in the library, he actually decides to leave in search of tea and maybe a bite to eat. After all, he's been too busy, too curious to realize his stomach was growling and he doesn't have Evey around to prod at him to join her and Paul for lunch anymore or any such nonsense...]

[Pushing aside the wistful little pang that comes with remembering his team, he opens his journal and gets to the task at hand, speaking in a clear, businesslike tone as he wanders through the halls heading for the kitchen.]

In the last four weeks, we've all dealt with an onslaught of strange occurrences both subtle and extreme in nature. I, for one, am quite curious about the nature of these events, and Cair Paradisa herself. Frankly, I can't believe I'm alone in my desire to know more...and I'd like to meet my like-minded brethren.

To that end, any parties that would care to learn, to understand this living puzzle may locate me in the kitchen. My name is Alva Keel...and I look forward to meeting all of you.

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[It's been a very busy morning for Alva, witnessing the next in a string of events that have been taking place since his arrival. Really, the guy's happier than he knows what to do with...even today, sleeping in a straw bed and witnessing the change in the castle that has clearly taken a turn in favor of praising the gentler sex. Not that he has a problem with it, Alva's all about equal rights...but the crick in his neck from the change in bedding and the lack of a pillow is bothering him some.]

I would ask only one request of the ladies residing in Cair Paradisa today: watch carefully the things you say in the presence of those males who are respectful and considerate enough to be undeserving of the scorn Paradisa's showing us.

Aside from that? Enjoy yourselves...and please, if you'd care to share any particularly unusual stories of the day's events, I will be in the library. My door, time, and journal, are at your service.
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[Curious!Alva is curious and happy as a pig in slop when he awakes the next day and after a cup of tea (graciously provided by the castle on request...along with a bit of cake because he missed out for the most part yesterday), he sets to work on the task at hand: learning all he can about his new temporary home.]

[As the day progresses and he takes note of those with and without tags on their heads, he finds himself missing Evey and Paul for the first time. From the halls of the tenth floor, a wistful sigh can be heard through the pages of the journal.]

[Unfocused, directed to the castle at large] I don't suppose you'd bring a couple of people in if I asked, would you?

[a beat, then a laugh]

No, of course not. We all lose something when we come here...ah well.
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[He walked into the other room over an hour ago to fetch a set of backup batteries for his tape recorder...and found himself in an entirely different world. It's a distressing situation, yet as always curiosity overwhelms fear. Through the open journal on the nearby table, perhaps some sounds can be heard...feet shuffling, pages turning, breathing...but otherwise, it's a full hour after his arrival before any sign of the castle's newest denzien can be detected.]

[A button becomes clear that he's dictating, into the tape recorder that can't be seen.]

I am no longer in Boston.

My surroundings are well-appointed and lavish, yet I do not know how I came to have them. I have not left the room, but I know that wherever I am, it is not a modern construct. The walls are stone, well-built and very quaint.

If I did not know better, I would say I’d gone back in time and found myself in some forgotten king’s great castle bedchamber.

[A pause, footsteps. He's pacing a bit, measured and calm.]

I intend to make a full exploration in order to better ascertain what I am dealing with…but first I will search the immediate area. If I am still in the country, I hope to make my way home. If not…wherever I am, I pray I am not in danger.

[Another pause...a little laugh]

To be honest, if the rest of my location is anything like this room…I wouldn’t mind doing a little investigating.
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