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Alva Keel ([personal profile] asinglewordwilldo) wrote2007-10-05 10:11 am

[FM] OCTOBER - Trapped With Your Enemy

Nothing. Not a blessed thing. That’s what they’d find...that’s what they *did* find. All that was left was a sick bloke in his wheelchair, cut off from the world by a deadly and debilitating disease.

It happened shortly after Paul signed on with Sodalitas Quaerito...we crossed paths with a man in the medical profession. He was a leading expert and medical researcher well-versed on the subject of Sakovsky’s Syndrome. Unbeknownst to us at the time, he had a daughter that died of the disease. One of his patients showed a rather miraculous level of improvement, but ultimately it turned out that a demon had taken possession of the poor man.

I locked myself in a room with Sherwood Nicholls, although at the time it wasn’t Sherwood I was dealing with. There’s an apocalypse on the horizon, and I was face to face with a demon...I don’t know that he served any sort of master, or if that master was, in fact, the Devil. But darkness wanted to win this battle...and in the face of that demon, executing his machinations through the ravaged body of a sick, innocent man, I saw the heart of that darkness I was fighting.

I stood against my greatest enemy then...and though he offered me a world of temptation in just a few words, scored wounds in my soul that had yet to heal...I did what had to be done.

[locked from Lorelai and Rory]

It was no easy thing watching Sherwood, essentially, die. And it’s not something I’m proud of...knowing how far I can and will go. It’s not a side of myself I let show often, and it’s not a side I *ever* let show around...well, around my new family. Lorelai’s due any day now, and all I can think as of late...

I never want my wife and children to see my *truest* face.


Muse: Alva Keel
Fandom: Miracles
Words: 321